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Development Strategy Of Dorafoods Joint Stock Company

Dorafoods Joint Stock Company focuses on researching and producing health-beneficial food products, with a strong emphasis on delivering the highest quality products to the market. Dorafoods aims to expand its market both domestically and internationally through diverse distribution channels, free trade associations, trade promotion activities, and more. The company also focuses on constructing new factories, improving the efficiency of existing factories to enhance the quality of labor, and establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory to serve its own operations and cater to other permitted entities.


Dorafoods concentrates on researching and producing health-beneficial food products for consumers. The company places great importance on the application of advanced technologies in manufacturing high-quality, nutritious, and safe food products. Dorafoods continually invests in improving production processes, quality control, and adherence to food safety standards. This ensures that Dorafoods’ products not only meet nutritional needs but also provide genuine health benefits to consumers.