Should I drink water or honey lime juice after waking up?

Honey lemon on wooden background, Thai herbs.

Honey lime juice is good for the digestive system, helps cool the body down, and assists in detoxification. Should we drink it instead of water after waking up? (Mai, 22, Quang Nam)

Drinking water in the morning is a good habit, as it helps quench thirst and cool our bodies. It is also easily accessible and simple to prepare.

Meanwhile, honey lime juice, which requires more time to make, is rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories, so it helps improve our skin conditions and control body weight.

Either drink is good for your health, so you can choose based on your flavor preferences and the amount of time you have.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that water is safe for everyone, while both honey and lime juice are acidic. Because of this, you should not constantly drink honey lime juice over a long period of time or wholly replace water with it, and people with gastric problems are advised to drink honey lime juice after meals only.

Honey also contains a high amount of sugar. According to the Vietnamese Food Composition Table, 100 grams of honey is composed of 81.3 grams of sugar. It can be quickly absorbed into the body, so drinking honey lime juice may spike blood sugar levels suddenly and then drop, causing the feeling of hunger.

Hence, it is advised to take 5 ml of honey a day only.

Raw honey is also better than its processed counterparts.

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